Vibe Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Review

Vibe Acoustic Guitar Strings


Much like the automobile or breakfast cereal sectors, the guitar string industry is one that easily lends itself to extreme brand loyalty. When beginning to play, many guitarists are likely to discover one type of string they enjoy and habitually purchase that string from then on out. Thus, when most players first hear about the exclusively online string manufacturer Vibe, they may naturally feel a bit of apprehension towards taking the plunge and testing Vibe’s products. However, we can assure readers that Vibe’s acoustic strings are not only high quality, but also provide a refreshing sound that differs from many of the more popular brands. It would be silly not to do a bit of research on the strings before purchasing; so let us do the work for you and read our review of Vibe’s Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings to get a sense of all the different aspects of this awesome string set.


If you spend any amount of time on the internet researching the pros and cons of the Vibe Phosphor Bronze strings, you’ll no doubt find mountains of praise for the string’s superior sustain. These rumors are pleasantly true: Vibe’s Phosphor Bronze Acoustics have a remarkably clear and long-lasting sustain rivaled by few of their competitors. Pluck one of these strings and it’ll ring for days.

Of course, sustainability isn’t the only characteristic of a high quality sound. Vibe all produces a string that can deliver a warm, comforting and yet somehow still crisp sound that really highlights the tonal characteristics of the guitar. While this no doubt can produce beautiful results, it also means these strings can easily call attention to any negative aspects of your guitar’s construction and intonation, so be sure your instrument is properly set up before stringing the Vibe Acoustics. These strings are particularly phenomenal for blues guitar, as they really accentuate some of the grittiness that goes along with that style of play.

Basic Construction and Durability

Vibe Phosphor Bronze Acoustics consist primarily of a phosphor bronze alloy, consisting of 92% copper and 8% zinc. Besides the warmer tone this alloy offers, it’s also quite resistant to corrosion, which means that that certain “zing” you get from new strings will last quite a bit longer than most competitors. It should be noted that this alloy is not a blend unique to Vibe, instead being an industry standard offered by nearly all the major string players. However, Vibe distinguishes itself from competitors based on the actual feel of their strings. Because the strings are particularly tenacious, they tend to feel thicker and sturdier than many other string brands, despite being rated at the same gauges. This lends itself to the perception of quality, and in fact is how Vibe managed to establish its reputation as more of a luxury brand.


Another common praise of Vibe Phosphor Bronze Acoustics are their ability to stay in tune. Assuming that the strings are installed correctly and thoroughly stretched prior to heavy use, players can expect the strings to settle into tune within a day or two. Seeing as many comparable strings can take up to four or five days before stretching into place and actually keeping their tuning, it’s easy to see how this is a huge advantage for Vibe, especially in the eyes of professional musicians that require near daily string change from heavy gigging.

Price and Availability

Perhaps the only downside of the Vibe Phosphor Bronze Acoustics is the price tag. The base price of these strings is already close to twice as expensive as many of the common guitar strings offerings on the market. However, one must also consider the fact that Vibe strings are currently available exclusively through their Amazon storefront. On one hand, this means that anyone with internet access can order a pack of these excellent strings for themselves. However, this also means that unless you buy in bulk, consumers will have to pay another couple bucks in shipping charges. Furthermore, if you’re in need of new strings today and simply cannot wait for the product to go through the shipping process, there’s no way to get your hands on these strings. You’ll be forced to go with an alternative. For American made luxury strings, the price is only slightly higher than most competitors, yet the hassle of shipping and ordering online may put off some consumers, but don’t let this say you! Those without a tight schedule will no doubt find Vibe’s Phosphor Bronze Acoustics to their liking, as the actual experience on using these strings is one of the best out there.

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