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Dean Markley Blue Steel Acoustic Strings Review

If you stumbled across this site, you may or may not be aware of the raging string debate in the guitar industry. Players from across the globe are constantly bickering about the qualities and properties of various strings, and with the mounds of information available to consumers, it can sometimes be difficult to pick out …

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GHS Silk and Steel Acoustics String Review

ghs silk and steel acoustic guitar strings

Some players, often in their earlier years, prefer strings that were produced by guitar instrument manufacturers. After all, Gibson and Fender can produce a fantastic instrument, so it follows that their factory strings would also be of high quality. However, the truly great strings tend to be produced by companies that specialize solely in string …

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Fender 880L Guitar Strings Review

fender 880l guitar string set

As one of the most recognized brands in the guitar industry, one would expect Fender’s strings to be nothing short of amazing. While the truth of this statement invariably comes down to the personal preferences of the player, the strings are quite high quality and will undoubtedly fulfill the demands of a variety of styles …

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Vibe Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Review

Vibe Acoustic Guitar Strings

Much like the automobile or breakfast cereal sectors, the guitar string industry is one that easily lends itself to extreme brand loyalty. When beginning to play, many guitarists are likely to discover one type of string they enjoy and habitually purchase that string from then on out. Thus, when most players first hear about the …

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John Pearse 600L Strings Review

john pearse 600l acoustic strings

In the world of guitar strings, each and every brad has its own strengths and weaknesses; some strings last longer, while others produce a brighter tone, or a less string noise. Very few strings possess the ability to excel in every area, yet every now and then, one such product comes along. For many acoustic …

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Martin Acoustic SP Strings Review

Martin Acoustic SP Guitar Strings

The Martin Acoustic SP line of strings are great, and not just for your Martin guitar. They will also sound excellent on your Yamaha, Takamine, or Taylor just the same. Not only does Martin make outstanding guitars, but they also apply the same talent and care when constructing their strings. Construction The construction on these …

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Ernie Ball Earthwood Review

Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings

The Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic guitar strings are a standard 80/20 bronze budget offering from the company. Overall they perform the task well and fit the niche nicely. They tend towards the bright side of the spectrum and don’t last all too long, but for a travel set or a backup set, they are pretty …

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DR Zebra Guitar Strings Review

DR Zebra Strings

The DR Zebra strings are a pretty interesting set, ideally suited for acoustic-electric guitar applications. They perform well in an acoustic setting, however they also have some unique features that make them shine when playing through a guitar pickup. Construction Before delving into the string construction specifically, it is first important to make sure that …

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Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Review

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Acoustic Guitar Strings

One thing I always say about guitar strings is that what makes a string good is somewhat subjective as what sounds pleasant to one person may not sound quite so pleasant to another. As such, when shopping for guitar strings, reviews can point you in the right direction but it is important to try a …

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D’Addario EJ16: Budget Guitar Strings

Daddario ej16 guitar strings

There are a lot of things to love about a set of D’Addario EJ16 acoustic guitar strings. They sound great, they are easy on the hand, they last a while, and best of all they are inexpensive. In general, the EJ16’s offer one of the top acoustic guitar string values around. I always keep a …

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