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Martin MEC Clapton’s Choice Guitar Strings Review

Ah, Eric Clapton. Lovingly known as one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time, the man has actually been entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, as a solo artist, with Cream, and with the Yardbirds. It shouldn’t be too surprising then that entire generations of guitarists have grown up …

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Martin M1400 Marquis Silk and Steel Guitar Strings Review

When you take a trip to your local music shop and examine the string section, it should become obvious that there are dozens of different styles of strings, each of which is best suited for a certain playing style and lends itself nicely to a specific genre. It can be a confusing world at times, …

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Martin Acoustic SP Strings Review

Martin Acoustic SP Guitar Strings

The Martin Acoustic SP line of strings are great, and not just for your Martin guitar. They will also sound excellent on your Yamaha, Takamine, or Taylor just the same. Not only does Martin make outstanding guitars, but they also apply the same talent and care when constructing their strings. Construction The construction on these …

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