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Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze Guitar Strings Review

Over the years, we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in the music gear space: people only notice large items. For instance, everyone knows that Jimmy Page played the double-necked SG, and most rock fans have no trouble visualizing the concentric circles adorning Zakk Wylde’s infamous Les Paul. Fans likely even know that AC/DC’s Angus Young plays …

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Ernie Ball Earthwood Review

Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings

The Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic guitar strings are a standard 80/20 bronze budget offering from the company. Overall they perform the task well and fit the niche nicely. They tend towards the bright side of the spectrum and don’t last all too long, but for a travel set or a backup set, they are pretty …

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Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Review

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Acoustic Guitar Strings

One thing I always say about guitar strings is that what makes a string good is somewhat subjective as what sounds pleasant to one person may not sound quite so pleasant to another. As such, when shopping for guitar strings, reviews can point you in the right direction but it is important to try a …

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