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D’Addario EJ38 12 String Guitar Strings Review

There’s nothing in the world like a 12-string guitar; the fullness and richness of the sound is simply unmatched by any other instrument. Players like John Butler and Roger McGuinn can make their axes sing like none other, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that any musician can pick up a 12-string and burst into “Ocean”. …

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D’Addario Pro-Arte EJ46 Classical Guitar Strings Review

daddario pro arte ej46

Few string manufacturers command the respect and authority of D’Addario. These ubiquitous strings have been found on the guitars of professionals, amateurs, and beginning players alike, but have you ever considered why these strings are as popular as they are? After all, what really sets apart a D’Addario from the competition? We’ve wondered those exact …

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D’Addario EJ16: Budget Guitar Strings

Daddario ej16 guitar strings

There are a lot of things to love about a set of D’Addario EJ16 acoustic guitar strings. They sound great, they are easy on the hand, they last a while, and best of all they are inexpensive. In general, the EJ16’s offer one of the top acoustic guitar string values around. I always keep a …

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