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Hello, thanks for stopping by BestAcousticGuitarStringsGuide.com.

I am a self-taught guitarist who has been playing for well over ten years now. My musical career began at a very early age when my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. I played piano for 8 years under the tutelage of a well known teacher in the area, but sadly teacher and I did not get along well due to the fact that we had dissimilar musical goals. I wanted to experiment, deviate from the music that was written and make each piece my own whereas my teacher had a more robotic and very strict approach that involved adhering exactly to the music written on the page. In short, she was not right for me but it was rather difficult to articulate this to my parents when I was young. I hate to admit that she was the reason I quit despite my love for music.

During my years of piano lessons, I was at a pretty impressionable age where many of the popular bands had a heavy acoustic guitar component. I suspect that this, coupled with the fact that many of my friends played acoustic guitar helped develop my initial love for the instrument. It was only natural that after a couple years of not playing music, I began to miss it dearly. Since I was still a little bit sour on the idea of playing piano(although I have since picked it back up and play all the time), I decided that I would learn guitar.

It was at this time that I decided to get my first acoustic guitar. It was a step above entry level, just shy of 300 bucks, and what I consider to be a “high value guitar.” It had phenomenal tone when I first got it, but I noticed that the sound degraded rather quickly after a few months of playing. Nonetheless, I did not let this deter me and kept playing. Because I was teaching myself to play the guitar, I didn’t have anyone to explain the basics of guitar maintenance such as how to store or clean the instrument. I still remember the day when I let a friend play my guitar after about a year of ownership, and within seconds of picking it up he exclaimed “You need new strings…bad!”

I replaced my strings based on his advice and imagine my surprise when my instrument, whose sound characteristics had degraded to the point of “lifeless” suddenly had an almost symphonic sound by comparison. The sound instantly changed from muddy, dull and quiet to brilliant, warm and rich with a complex and interesting overtone structure. The guitar sounded just like the day I bought it, and the sound I fell in love with initially was restored. For months I had wondered why my guitar’s sound had deteriorated, when in the end the answer was so simple. The strings!

Since that day, I have been religious about replacing my strings on a regular interval. Now, many years later, my jamming buddies compliment my old inexpensive acoustic guitar for its tone. I tell them that I just maintain it and replace the strings every so often with a high quality set. I usually get the subsequent question “What strings do you use?” In fact, I have gotten the question enough times that I decided to make this site!

I hope that you can use the information on the site to help you find the best acoustic guitar strings to suit your tastes and needs.